Master perspective – rare to find. He has lots of posts on caste. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I’ve found myself yandexing these various subjects, i.e. we have a distorted idea of who’s who in the caste-system of whites. I find more brahmins that are Russian. Just one person’s observation. That post has new-agey elements, whatever I’ll take what I can get. How our society functions today presupposes all this caste understanding and never talks about it. It’s the language of the unspoken. I know certain people probably get irritated with me bringing it up, thinking I’m being an arrogant person, no I just like to talk about how society works on a subconscious level. When we make that conscious then we can examine if it should work that way. Marxism is 100% about caste and you never hear lefties talk about it. They just presuppose it. If you want everyone to be brahmins, which is the point of Marxism, then you have to do something different, because what you do doesn’t work. All you do is give shudras the illusion they’re brahmins instead of actually taking steps to make them brahmins. This isn’t your fault, because the chances are you’re a guardian yourself and you’re only following orders. On the seastead of the future we’ll like people who do what you do, a guardian caste is necessary. At least for now. One might imagine a 300 IQ crispr-priesthood being necessary to administer over 270 IQ crispr-children. We can probably just “birth adults” at some point. That’s way off, let’s stick with the present.

I’ll give you an example from that post. If you see something like this and all you can do is cope, then you’re never going to help these people

Can you read that without instinctively making up excuses for them? Okay, then you might be in a place to help them. You need to be able to take them for what they are first, and only then can you improve them. The way people in the west go about this now is they will find some kind of virtue of Native Americans and emphasize that in order to create an equalness. This hides the fact that they’re younger. Do you know what that leads to? Not trying to help them mature. Why would you need to help someone who is the same maturity as you mature? This is where we are in the US, making excuses for women and POC and not actually helping them. This actually makes us immature. Because when you equalize the meaning of maturity you begin to see immature people as mature, and if that’s what maturity is then why not be like them? This is everywhere, it’s mostly subconscious. How many excuses I’ve seen people make so that illiterate orangutans are viewed as equally mature. People are just way too gentle with women too, they’re never going to get real equality if you keep the same tactics. If you start talking and you realize that what you are saying is something one could expect from a high schooler, then it might be time to rethink about whether you should say that. This is just the basics, and I’m sorry it’s so prevalent, once again, it’s mostly the fault of our brahmins who are abject failures in every sense. I’m telling you.. postwar.. we started to look at “them” as equally mature as everyone else.. and.. look what you get. If our culture doesn’t make you want to puke it’s because you’re one of the nauseating ones. I tell them they have a bean for a brain and we know how they respond to that, don’t we? They read a book as a response! Ha, yeah right. Feminists want their cake and to eat it too- they want to be recognized as equal without doing anything to deserve to be perceived that way. Can you, I dunno, TRY? Just a thought. Yeah, anyway read that link though, the ladies should appreciate the astrological theme, which I don’t really buy into myself. I find that studying castes facilitates my evolution. When they note a trait of a guardian or shudra or something, sometimes I think “Huh, I guess I do that sometimes” and then want to stop doing that. If it all remains in the subconscious you’ll always remain the caste that you are.

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