The fate of knowledge during Biden-puppet’s term is murky, could be an underground renaissance, could be a total dissipation of thought. As things look now, I expect thinking to lessen. It doesn’t have to be that way, it’s just that I can already sense that we live in more of a police-state already. They’ll be able to create whatever policy they want with impunity, beautify it with the media, and there will be no one to say anything against it. I expect that to make people quiet. And unfortunately for the left, there will be less thinking for them too, because they won’t have anyone to aggravate them as a result of this. Less war between the left and right, and a balanced, tranquilized tranquility. Who knows, I know I prefer war, because it gets both sides thinking more, and I expect some kind of forced peace with Biden-puppet. Another possibility is that the far right and far left will grow increasingly cantankerous against the libs who are all too content with Biden. This would be preferable to what I expect, an era of “living and not thinking”. Muh boat, muh boat. It’s a question of stifling thumos. That sort of energy has a lawlessness about it, and both the right and left in their extremist forms harness it to varying degrees based on the regime they’re in, and the establishment doesn’t like either of them. I saw some leftists worrying that they’ll be locked up if they go too far. Can you please just lose the fantasy. Leftism and Biden aren’t so different from each other. Good luck getting to the heart of the matter with him in charge though. Woke capitalism will not tolerate anyone who challenges it, and leftists tend to be among the woke anyway- if you tried to pull anything out of Marx’s playbook you’d be treated the same as an overly “obstreperous” rightist. Chinese socialists are much more mature than their american variety in this way in that they are perfectly fine being nationalists. It was the wall that you couldn’t take. That was emotional on your part. You wanted it all, you wanted world socialism. You can’t get that without a strong nation at the center. So that task will likely fall to the chinese. Do you know how conformist those people are? At least there’s some kind of semblance of individualism with us, with them that is non-existent, it’s a consequence of having the population that they do- herd, groupthink, they probably exemplify that more than anyone on earth, and they’ll be striving to universalize that. We could have done something like that with our more refined spirit and it looks like it wasn’t enough because half the country couldn’t handle dealing with our problems at the border. If you understand me when I say Marx wanted everyperson to be a brahmin, you’re not going to get that with the chinese, they’re a collection of peasants, and they’ll be wanting to make us like them. You were already on your way to that anyway, in a certain sense world socialism already exists. Biden is a formalist politician in the sense that he clearly demonstrates that what you want involves braindeath and cliches, spooks and disappearing dissidents. Is that what Marx had in mind? Or is it what our nepotistic merchant caste has in mind? And so many of our ostensible marxists align with them on every issue that’s of any consequence. World socialism, herd animals controlling other herd animals. And, optimally, no one there to recognize this fact. Do they even understand when I say it now? Probably not. From my observations, the most they can conjure up is a “moo”. Pretty soon you’ll get what you want, no more talking animals, only moos met with other moos. “MOOO!” “MOOO!”

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