That time we spent four years of people telling us not to mention the JQ or say the word “nigger”. Were you trying to hide something? Why didn’t trump or burnee ever mention those? So you hope that merchants and jungle people will not be criticized in society. What does that make you then, someone who thinks merchants and jungle people are good for society? Here we are living in a society that is neither. All you can do is exploit money or live in a hut, what is the dignity of that? You’re a bunch of niggers who have control through money and ignorance. Keep rationalizing to yourself why you are that way.

You will have monkey citizens if you do not have a coup.

And you have monkey citizens now, who have no idea what a coup would mean.

“Kweshtin gubermint?”

It’s already too late for you, you decided that your daughter should give birth to a coon ape who plays basketball.


The crowd goes wild, the you in the future is a nigger now. Congratulations coward. Keep schmoozing those jews, look what it gets you. You’re already a nigger now and they want to make you more of one. Swoosh.

That one time you were alone and someone knocked on your door and wondered if anyone actually understands you?

We call ourselves European, we often have blue eyes, you might want to scrutinize based on that.

Niggers and Jews deserve to die. This is the caste above all of the other ones.

“They deserve life in fact” – tell me how that is.

-you can’t-

So why do you believe in the ideas of these people? They were kicked out of dozens of countries. What is your reasoning?

There’s no hope for a woman in this environment unless she is actually beautiful.

“No, I’m ugly leave me alone”

“Can you go away? I’m looking for the beautiful one.”

-she could never do it for years, an ugly person for years and years-

Wrinkly hag who is a corporate whore, all you have to say is that you want people who criticize you to be banned, you’re a disgusting whore who no one will ever love, amen.

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