I feel most myself when I’m in the presence of a person. Most people don’t count as a person, thus I don’t feel like myself around them. That is the state you’re talking to. The state is the plutocracy and demos. The plutocracy shapes the opinion of the demos, and if the demos disagrees then it is left to perish. Being one of the demos means believing in so and so in order to survive. This is an animal’s existence. Being in the presence of an animal doesn’t make me feel like myself. They’re not “enlivening”. One either has to practice ketman around them, in which case one turns into the demos oneself, or see them as a subordinate who needs to be freed from public opinion. Neither are optimal. This is what they expect of everyone, preferably the ketman option. If they are your subordinate then that is not equal, and that also presupposes that alternatives to public opinion are viable, which is heresy. So one is expected to be the demos and thus not be oneself. This isn’t an existential concern for everyone, many are themselves when they are the demos. This causes a sense of meaninglessness that I have sought to do away with. You think I’d want to slow-dance or slavery roleplay with a girl who was one of the demos? Is it only “roleplay”? That’s part of the joke, if it is a joke. If you’re not in on that joke then you’re part of the demos, because not being in on that joke is what the feminist order demands. I see the reactosphere as an update on feminism- “Based on these premises, now what?” Of course they want to erase that side of the dialectic, that’s their answer to “Now what?” Alright, if you want to be someone that isn’t considered as part of the demos. That’s what the prog religion wants, to have neither side recognize the demotic factor of the other. If you’re content being surrounded by the demos then you’re the demos yourself. The real “dom” is the state, and the two people are its subs. You’re both doing the bidding of the plutocracy. Ideally, both would be challenging the plutocracy. Being in the presence of someone who “primes” me to do that is when I feel most myself, and to say the least someone like that isn’t easy to find. Two people who implicitly regard themselves as inferior to the state and its opinion-control apparatus vs. two people who see themselves at least as equals to the state and able to debate with it. I’m beyond equality at this point, clearly. The state is so inferior to me, why aren’t there more like this? The dirty demos and the dirty plutocracy, both filthy in their own way, why would I deign to even see them as my equals? And yet most see themselves as inferior and subordinate to these entities, and seek to be around others with a similar attitude. You do you, I don’t want to be in the presence of someone like that.

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