I wonder if any of these are circus-freaks (in a good way), never heard of a few of them

Would you ever have expected people like the Druze in Syria?! I just want to set up a camp in the sparsely populated desert there, anything’s better than the US. Obscure ubermenschen of Iran though?

Can you believe this?

Makes you want to go there without a guide even more doesn’t it?

Another one like this, that’s even stricter

Is it a satellite-state of Iran? What’s going on in that Amu-Darya Reserve…


Only 8000 visitors a year, half of them Iranian. Apparently they watch every move you make and the hotels are bugged.

Looking at clownworld this is a stupid question isn’t it?

Why would you want westerners or those influenced by the west to be in your country at all?

Might be a good sign

If we isolated like this in flyover country for a decade it would probably be for the best.

Anyway, they seem to be the strangest so far in that area. Weird that Iran itself is only 50-60% Persian.

It appears that Mazanis and Gilaks have lived in relative isolation north of these mountains

After learning about the Alawites and Druze I never know what I’ll discover in these places.

Here’s a recent genome study that is even more precise

I’m mostly looking for “Sufi” peoples. Isolated ones like Tibetans who developed mysticism. If they’re anything like the Alawites it won’t be easy to find accurate information on them. I bet the news over the decades hasn’t hesitated to tell us all about them, eh?


We’re still far away from deprogramming this psyop regarding MENA in general

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