I might as well be documenting the precise details of China’s rise after all, maybe Land was right to move there so many years ago.

In my experience, Brits aren’t doing too well culturally anymore, Larry, Moe, and Curly level behavior, and yet when I look at this and think about the possibility of creating a “Second Europe” the Brits and the Greeks are the first ones I think of, what are yours?

I’m not Greek, and I’m only marginally English, nonetheless this is my thought. I’m not sure many people of the world can think of things objectively.

If we thawed it, what would be the best beliefs to bring there?

Certainly nothing that is tolerated in America today. The Greeks and Brits were ahead of their time hundreds of years ago, and they still are today.

This is why China is going to be numbah wan pretty soon, because most can’t accept that. Even I who am a lover of the Germans pay respect to these other civilizations. When you pretend they aren’t superior you only end up implementing some kind of third world, third rate standard. That’s what we’re on our way toward, and why China is going to prevail, because they’re second world. This is a futurist rendition of “in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.” China did not accept the equalism of the west and thus it is not on its way toward the third world. This is in fact a “global leveling” in the sense that the Chinese will be in control while being 2nd world people. It would be better for the best of Europe to do that, and evidently there are too many chandalas and sell-outs, thus we will have the universalization of 2nd-worldism. I’m a recluse, I try to avoid all that. If I find the proverbial “farmer’s daughter” will the instantiation of me in the next generation be able to? They want to make sure anyone who can question them doesn’t exist anymore, and most people seem to be part of their plan, because they’re the ones who are put into question and can’t respond. Maybe Atlantis really existed, who could know? Looking at the modern day, they destroy so much proof of higher civilization that I wouldn’t be surprised. Be an ape, embrace the modern world that you’re required to unless you want to suffer punishment. Or find somewhere cold to migrate where the money-grubbers are less invasive in your life? Half the population there would be CIA. I try to give you an idea of how to avoid this- extremist isolationism. Do we listen to jews, whores, niggers, leftists here? No, anyone who mentions an opinion about that is shot how about? Sounds like a well-ordered society to me. At least China approaches that in its 2nd world way. We’re getting to the point where we have 1st world capital and illusion of luxury while we have at the same time 3rd world living standard mentally. You live in such a well-ordered society, so why are you so sad? Asking you that as a friend.

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