You better find some writers to read in the privacy of your home or you’re going to be getting leveled without realizing it. As the censorship increases, the shaming, the normalization of vulgarity increases, you will be molded into what they want you to be, and that probably isn’t in your best interest. How to avoid that? Old books, clandestine book clubs with like-minded friends. Would they ban a group like that off facebook? Definitely, if you’re reading the right books, i.e. the kind that could help you withstand the onslaught. It’s already too late for most, they’re happy to be leveled, life is easier that way. They’re making everyone into one conglomerate, synthesizing high and low, and you don’t have to be part of their plans if you don’t want to be.

For whatever reason, this is “who” I have in front of my laptop glaring at me, shaming me right now

“You don’t know that book like the back of your hand do you, shame on you.”

Just a random example of a book that can remind you that other societies existed before the one we find ourselves in.

They strive to cause relativism between high and low, and you can use methods to cause relativism about their very relativism.

You won’t even remember after it happens, there will be a memory wipe. You’ll think that life always was like that. After all this COVID tripe I’m going to be looking for a good (non-prog) church to help with this process of remembrance as well.

Christianity is a live threat to the established order, it’s a veritable 8th circuit challenge to it when it’s at its best, problem is they seem to manage to proggify most christians and churches in one way or another. It’s all a matter of psychology, maintaining the pathos of distance- you can pretend that you can do it yourself, and usually without any outside help you’re swept away and, I emphasize again, don’t even realize it. You might go to church or read an old book and emerge thinking “Why’d do I waste my time there when I could’ve been at Real Church, posting about progressive causes on social media?” That’s just the kind of person you are, it’s probably too late for you. That’s your karma, we can only hope that your children will rebel against you. “Gross, the millennial generation.” I can only pray that they’ll be perceived as worse than we perceive the boomers now. They want everyone to talk like they’re low-class, I don’t know what to tell you. You can recognize that and stop, or continue to be that way. All the labor of your ancestors to get you to where you are and the supposed “necessity” of leveling calls you to return to the mindset of something less than a prole. Can’t even realize you are that way and how, and honestly I’m sick of trying to tell you about it. Prole-tier conversation can almost be tolerated- this is truly something below even that that they seek to normalize. You have a choice to weather the storm, and seek shelter somewhere, while on the outside perhaps pretending to be one of them. If you don’t take deliberate steps to avoid that, the chances are you’re going to turn into them, and probably be pretty content with it. Meanwhile anyone who keeps their distance will try their best to avoid hearing people like you talk.

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