We have this prejudice to think of philosophy as being divided between the more precise British version and the more obscure continental version, and we presuppose that Russian philosophy should be excluded from the debate “always already”. So I’m just looking for meditations on different thinkers on the best Russian Goodreads site I’ve found, which tends to include the texts themselves (imagine that) instead of just the descriptions of the texts. What is that about anyway, maybe older people know better than I do, why are anglos and the continent seen as bros, while russians are more like a distant cousin or something? Looking for studies on most liberal countries in Eurasia, not finding one right off, you don’t need a study to know that Russia is less liberal, and thus what does that say about the debate between philosophies? Aren’t both Brit and Cont philosophies refuted based on the state of Europe? Except for /ourguys/ who tried to warn them! I did find this when I was looking though

“You’re so far behind!!” LOL We already live in a gynocracy, how much worse can it get? “You’re going to find out, time to put your nuts on the chopping block.” The main role of women is to look pretty and be nice to children, you can’t just force nature to change. “Looks like the chopping block for you!”

They always give me ads on yandex that distract me

You just have to exist, you don’t have to be a politician or something. Is the role of a politician to look pretty and be nice to children? Ehhh… If I see a female politician implement a thoroughgoing reform of elementary schools then I might change my tune. Don’t most of them have Artxell Syndrome and focus on giving women more and more power? Reform schools so little boys respect their authority more, at best. All equalism really means is putting a muzzle on white men. Forced self-censorship is the only way “fairness” is possible, how sad. Mosey on off if you don’t like it, you’re not putting a muzzle on me. Under Harris the voices of browns and women will be amplified, you can count on that. Books who no one in their right mind would ever want to waste their time reading will be read and discussed and cheered, by the wretched of the earth as well as the ball-less ones. This is the future you chose. All the subs of the dom-state, so happy together, praising their meager mental achievements. I for one am going to hover it above it all and look for some alternate interpretations of Plato in Russia to see if they differ markedly from the various continental ones. In that elitology book I linked to the other day the author notes that every time and place has their own version of Plato, this is how we can get closer to a more timeless one. A pdf of this would be nice to find

Then on the ru.wiki alone there are tons of titles I’ve never heard of. A new Klein somewhere??

Isn’t it amazing that you’d never find an academic article like this. “Were the Georgists right? Does the academy distort Plato? Let’s juxtapose our interpretations with our Russian enemy’s.”

Good question

A civilization that produced Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, I’m sure there’s nothing there!

Plato was first translated there in 1780. Looks like there was a Moscow school, a Kiev school, a Petersburg School. We WILL determine the Form of Plato.

Why trust an English book on this? Let’s see what someone by the name of Miroshnichenko has to say

The main “drawback” of Nethercott’s work is its chronological, geological framework: it examines Russian Platonism beginning only since 1840, i.e. does not cover the most important period of formation

So now we have these Georgists and centuries old Russians to help us figure out if our own Platonists here have only been painting for us shadows on the wall

Thirdly, it is necessary to clarify the relationship between spiritual and academic and university traditions in the Russian philosophy of the researched period in the aspect of their perception of Platonism

Yes Miroshnichenko, that is exactly what I’m looking for

Namely, we believe that during these years Russian philosophy was more self-reliant and independent of western philosophy than it was previously thought. 

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