I’d like to find a preserved copy of the 1st edition myself

I’ll believe you for now though.

The one who wrote the introduction clarifies that it’s not a book by Hitler or Nasser- hm are there some extant writings of that Egyptian? I like to find publications from the 50s, a saner time.

Thousands of documents. The continuation of the Axis Powers that no one knows about, I wonder why

Are one of these like an Arabic Mein Kampf?

Now I’m wondering if someone like Gaddafi wrote a book too?

“Whoa whoa whoa didn’t you start this post talking about Marx?” What about it, does that intrigue you or something? Do you relate to this at all?

Everyone already knows ALL about that though, don’t they?

Marxists always focus on the Maoist and Soviet revolutions, what about the ones in the MENA world?

So 1970, around the time the Alawites took control in Syria. Are you wondering why I mention this in a post about those particular writings of Marx, or is it too obvious?

Who knows when the coups in MENA are going to end. 1952 in Egypt a coup against the financial and ideological powers, then in 1953 in Iran the reverse. And by the time of the 1979 revolution in Iran, Egypt’s revolution was reversed. In our lifetime maybe we’ll see Egypt emerging as a sovereign aggressor while Iran is couped once again?

Remember how the George Washington of Israel bombed a movie theater in Egypt in 1954 and tried to make it look like Arabs did it?

You kind of think of these events differently when Marx says it

Marx = anti-cathedralist??

So glad that people who match this description don’t control our culture – what would it be like living in such a world?

Imagine if the same people controlled the academies where you study Marx? Speaking of superstructures. In my previous post I talked about university machine being in charge of Plato. How about this other guy?

Is this more or less the case 60 years later?

The Judel Itzig – how do you expect to have a revolution when your ruling-class is constituted by this type of person, and both the proles and bourgeoisie are entirely under their sway? Or are you too under the sway of the Judel Itzig, rather than Marx?

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