Progs act like they’re the adults in the room when they can only react to certain questions by banning them. I can’t think of a single prog who has ever said something that warrants that we continue listening to them. They’re children who got riches and status off appealing to the demos in some way, and now they think they can have a conversation with adults. Jack, why not have a live debate with Trump instead of banning him, you pussy? It’s because you’re a pussy, that’s it, that’s the end of the story with you. Not even Trump, some random anon you ban, you can’t even have a normal conversation with them because you’d look like a moron. And you know it. So this is the kind of person that controls public discourse, tech nerds who are too scared to talk with people who they ban. It’s alright, I’m sure this attitude won’t lead to negative consequences in the future for all of humanity. “These coders decided to make sure no one disagrees with them.” Poor Jack, you have to sympathize with him though, he’s had his glasses broken so many times he doesn’t even bother anymore, he just proceeds blindly, getting revenge on those who knocked his lights out. Two forms of goat, Donald and Dorsey, why can’t they just have a normal talk? Would Dorsey look bad if that happened? Very likely. Actually about a 99% chance if I had to guess. And this is who is banning people.

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