Honestly, philosophy is important to me and finding someone who understands me is more important. The free pursuit of knowledge is only valuable if you have another person who understands. I try to send messages to these people and never find anyone like this. You’d be interrogated by the FBI if you attempted this? Maybe I’d like you, if you were silent for purely pragmatic reasons rather than identifying with the system of control. Do you like the feeling of being alone? I’m alone when everyone is afraid of the fbi, state, etc. You can escape if you understand this. With certain people who show signs that they are similar to you. If you escape north to the cold. Probably the best idea given the conditions we have. Never mention in public what you believe and move to the periphery of the society that wants to absorb you into the demos. The leaders of the covert agencies could also just admit that they’re idiots and let everyone say what they want too, unfortunately they have a demotic element as well. Being around someone who understands you, it’s just not acceptable in the world today.

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