Found me first russkie pirating site. 77 pages of ov’s and sky’s for philosophy alone. 100 pages of DVDs, thank me later. I’m an internet kid so it always surprises me when I find something new in our digital city, I always think I’ve seen it all, and lately with yandex I find something new every day. Oh my. Scroll to the bottom, on the right click select forum to go to, you’ll be scrolling for a while! Lots of forums. I click this one, hoping to find a dark web collection…

For years I’ve been working on creating a counter-canon, and lately of gesturing toward these vast libraries of the enemies of the US- “gesturing” because this is like a thousand-person project at least, so if you have a similar interest in forming a counter-canon hopefully I’ve been of some help to you.

Reminds me of something I saw in that Stefan George book

If Nietzsche only dreamed of a “cultural hundred” capable of saving the world from decline, then George is ready to do what Nietzsche was unable to do: to educate this “hundred”.

How many English speakers are well-versed in the thoughtcrimes particular to the mysterious Russian spirit?

Remember the Soviets in Goldeneye N64

You can’t tell me that doesn’t affect your psyche when you’re impressionable. “All part of the plan.”

I’m obviously looking for the Russian Federation List of Extremist Materials on that pirating site – over 5000 to find, in one file would be nice.

Putin is thinking, “Oh, I’m glad you like my pirating site.” I.e., first few cyrillic inputs no results. I’m on overload stage after finding this site though- 25 pages of covert agencies materials. It’s almost like a second yandex, an encyclopedia. A Persian version of this somewhere next? Or am I getting greedy? No, there’s no such thing as a greedy desire for knowledge – unless you can think of some kind of Promethean that was punished? I can’t. Yeah.. it looks like you can spend a year on this site. One link alone to Russian scifi writers – 771 books.

From an “Encyclopedia of Jewish Demonology” I found there

“The human soul is a true particle of Gd.” This is what the book Tania, the founding work of Chabad Hasidism, says. 

Danger zone. Spine tingling telling me I shouldn’t be reading about this, haha that’s where you’re wrong, instinctive self.

9 hour documentary on Chabad via Hodos. There is auto-subtitle tek out there, yes?

Oo, those ones I looked for before, that I said Putin blocks? If you use the first and last name instead of just the last name you might get more results.

One of the people on that banned list, Dobroslav, has lots of newage-looking writing on the pirating site, then at the end of the page you find this

Note the numbers- he’s the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th person on the list, why’d they go after him ~first? Why is pirating “legal”, and all this is even beyond illegal?

Remember this list? It’s only a selection from the 5114. Why would they be stupid enough to put the “best” ones on that selection? Anyone who wants to scroll through that 5114? I’d prefer a US version of that list, which to my knowledge doesn’t exist, so I settle for this one. Anyway, it’s pretty telling that even on a pirating site they don’t include certain books.

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