This is why the Chabad is important to study

The extremists of a group can tell you something about the moderates. I’m sure Trump would never say the frogs are “our fundamentalists” heh, yet…

They hate him because they can sense that he’s exactly like the fundamentalists on some level. Ditto my perception of the ketman yids and the Chabad.

If you want “world peace” maybe the two fundamentalists should have a talk? I know, never going to happen. It’s so proper to wear a mask, and not go “mask-off”. -coughs in your face- Sorry, I keep doing that every day for years, you must like it.

Does spiritually killing count?

Let’s go right to the Chabad and ask them

Ah, thank you for clarifying that for us, Rabbi! Laziest pilpul ever. That’s good for us. What the secular moderate ones do is quite ugly indeed, and no, it’s not “genocide” as we know it technically.

I don’t think they tend to understand either, it seems rather instinctive. “White people bad!” There’s definitely more faith than reason involved in that. Obviously if you told them that they’d blatantly lie to you and make up some kind of excuse for their unreflective impulse, just look at this Rabbi, how blatantly he lies here

As blatant as they are, so much is still secret. What I would give for this

Not much on the Chabad on that pirating site unfortunately. Matveev is the closest to a clue I’ve found recently to help us get to know their id.

You can think of Moldbug as the first step in this direction (which I’m certain he regrets). -laughing uncontrollably at him- Thank you, couldn’t have done it without a confused mischling. Nah shut up, you know you’d be spared. Anyway, first step is Moldbug, then after that general JQ awareness, THEN after that, study of their “fundamentalists”. It seems that this Matveev is a goy, and that might be seen as an even further step away from the heeb Hodos, since you can only expect them to “lie less” rather than “not lie at all”. Like I said, I’ve read of a Hodos-inspired library out there somewhere, so finding that might get us even closer to the pinnacle of understanding.

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