My generation is too irony-poisoned to pull off a coup, everything is a joke to them. Storming the Capitol was like how we tried to storm Area 51, the idea is just too funny to truly take seriously. At least both examples showed us that it’s possible to make some sort of attempt. Power is too decentralized anyway, taking congress hostage wouldn’t have done much, we’d need a Plan to take several of what I’ve called “power-nodes” hostage all at once. Some of them not even hostage, just kill them, to show them we’re serious. This is all a joke to most people.

I’ll tell you a thought-experiment I was thinking about to maybe make it less of a joke to you- do you live in Mexico? What they’re intending, demographically, is essentially to put us all in a bus and ship us to live in Mexico, because that’s what it’s going to be like in the decades on the way. Do you want to be put in a bus and shipped to Mexico against your will? How about even worse than Mexico? That’s what changing demographics is going to cause, it’s a sort of forced migration, and we’re the migrants. Unless you have faith in the blank slate, then it’s just progress! I don’t want to live in Mexico, or somewhere worse like Somalia, otherwise I’d be living there, so yeah I’m not joking when I formulate the dimensions of how to create the conditions necessary for a coup which involves kidnapping, murder, and gulags. Haha I have a big smirk on my face when I talk about all of it, isn’t it funny, to live in the third world against your will, it’s hilarious, let’s all laugh.

The pragmatic order of business is for the youth to infiltrate the military ASAP, learn how to be a zealous zionist, maybe even kill a few of our muslim brothers to show your loyalty, I don’t see much of an alternative to that. That AND something like Urbit, an alternate internet where we can continue theorizing and attempting to convince normies that the msm, academy, banks, et al do not want what is best for them. Ha ha millennials isn’t all this so funny. Proud nihilists. It doesn’t even faze you when I accuse you of that, that’s how far gone you really are. That is funny though how that one stormer is named Angeli the day after I called for an angel, someone must be messing with me. An army of Angelis, preferably ones in the literal army, is what we need. We need warriors, we need artists, we need theorists, otherwise enjoy watching your grandchildren get on a bus on its way to Central America. We need spies too. You always see the meme of people secretly being FBI, why not have people in the FBI secretly not being FBI? I think of that English teacher I had in high school too, a perfectly good citizen who happened to suggest certain books that weren’t exactly criminal, they could just lead one to independence, that’s another option. For the theorist-types, I wonder if I have a Russian reader, because that Ivan the Terrible book I was looking for a while ago is accessible on yandex now (psst, help smuggle me out of here, I’m not sure if they’ll let me escape).

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