Alright, I realize that people visit here because they want to see something out of bounds, something that doesn’t follow the rules, and I can only be me so take it as you will- the main problem of society is women. We could’ve had a coup, and they’re half the population, and they’re just too stupid for it. Women are subhumans. “I wonder what banned people say.” Half the population is subhuman and that’s only the beginning. Are you sure you want to know more? I doubt you do. No one cares about anything in a whoreocracy, where we are now. A bitter cat lady, she’s really something, someone I want to say hello to. Academic feminists, what’s the difference, they’re all people who only exist because people who question them get banned. If you want to know why a coup isn’t possible, it’s because women aren’t very bright. There are various ways to critique me for saying that, just know that’s my interpretation of them. I still believe in an idealized female, in fact that’s what I try to bring about, unfortunately however I don’t see that anywhere in reality. “Why is the world bad?” Women who can’t be ideal. “So what does ‘ideal’ mean to you?” I dunno, if you could ask me that question without me doing it for you then you might get somewhere. “We women unite to believe in .. uh.. somethng! and uh.. we aren’t stupid people who corrupt young girls just like Maxwell, we’re good” Is that so? I haven’t seen that. Where is a Nietzschean woman somewhere? All I see are banker/media sell-out women. How inspiring you are. You can’t understand because you’re too hopeless, prove me wrong, you can’t. I started this post wondering if anyone in the world actually cares about higher realities. None of them have shown they do so. Some kind of sign of God? Years of not seeing that.

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