Good morning to everyone who isn’t a foot-shudra. The last four years must have been hell for you, cheer up, the state is probably going to be giving you free pedicures soon, so you’ll be happy feet! Anyway, continuing to use this site as a notepad to jot down books for my to-read list, not sure why that would interest you. They banned a scifi writer in Russia, named Petukhov, obviously that interests me. Making dangerous ideas entertaining. I like to find weapons, what can I say. You can go to prison for distributing books that look like this? Okay

Then on a non-wiki cyrillic site like this you find

Using futuristic allegories to make whom feel despondent exactly? Chandala-vaishyas?

I see that someone made a movie from his work that parodies western scifi… This is ideally what I’d like to find

Think Fourth Political Theory except it’s Fourth Political Fiction. I’m a national “socialist” in this way- the hordes can only understand art, not argument.

This reminds me of the imperial ambition of that Korean autist who wants to conquer China

We implement the rights to own the Primordially Russian lands (including Antarctica, Alaska, California, Sweden with Denmark and even Israel)

It starts with an idea. Israel started as an idea. Now most people in the west believe it. “It was promised to us.” Promised by who? “It was promised to us.” Okay, here’s trillions of dollars! Want our cultural consciousness too, here have that. I was promised the ubermensch, and I’m not going to get it with you rancid, slimy goblins in control. Does that sound scifi enough for you?

Anyway, besides that I’ve been thinking about cladistics. We’re used to reading prots. What about cladistic orthos? cladistic shias?

Huh sweet, at the end of that alternate wiki I linked to there are various zog and magick links to click, Russian “sorcerers” I never heard of.

In that article of Dugin’s on orthodoxy and initiation the quiet part is said out loud, maybe because he wrote it when he was my age, didn’t understand the necessity of esotericism, like I only partially do heh heh

Why the kabbalah is only meant for people 40 years and older. That’s probably what I’ll be studying more of now that politics is more and more trivial to me as the hegemony gets clearer.

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