Lurkmore might be better than Wikispooks – look who is named, and then who is this other one?

I’m finding lots of memes on there

So now we have China’s take on the “freemasons”, Ukraine’s, and now Russia’s.

About 200 million whites in South America, and after reading the Brazilian Carvalho’s debate with Dugin I haven’t bothered to read more of his writings. Maybe they have a version there, I haven’t spent much time on the Spanish internet yet.

Anyway I’m content with this site I’ve found now. This sounds familiar doesn’t it?

According to confirmed data, the main direction of zombification in the Russian Federation is moving from TV-shit programs to social networks

Unless you’re one of them, then it probably isn’t too familiar. Overwhelmingly familiar to me, fortunately or not.

This site seems like a Russian version of a 4chan encyclopedia, it’s time-consuming informing myself about all of their memes and slang.

Wtf does all this mean??

I’ve noticed they’re a lot more critical of him over there. I’m hoping I’ll find someone on this site of his calibre and less mainstream.

This I’d definitely characterize as an accelerationist website so far. The condensed wisdom of the anons of Russia.

So many inside jokes!

“You’re going to find a site that parodies that site next week.”

I hope so!

Next thought- okay, I have to know, “the truth of Putin

Обнуленец and more than 9000 nicknames

This is the photo they use lol

Alright alright I’ll scroll through that extensive page later. Who is the living genius of Russia damn you? Show me now.

This one has to sting, they’re so mean to Dugin

JewishEurasian geopolitics

This is the best site I’ve found in a while

This is very scientific™ and academic™ especially since Dugin was head of the department at the social faculty of this your Moscow State University

They parody that pagan I found recently to a pulp, aw man I was looking forward to reading him, I still might, there must be a reason he’s one of the first on the banned list. I’ll let you know if I find some savants on here.

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