Slowly finding these freaks – this one has a neech tag. This is from one of his posts

He links to this person who describes himself thusly

I am a revisionist. I am revising the history of the 19-20 centuries. 

They don’t seem to be banned as severely in Russia. All those people I lament being banned by Jack? Imagine if they weren’t disappeared. That’s how I see these livejournalists. According to lurkmore at least, their golden age ended in the early 2010s. Really? The material I’ve found so far is great, then again I’m used to Americans. Remember how fond neech was of Dostoevsky? One of the only people he praised. Maybe a similar dynamic here with me and the Russians.

Another way to find the brainer ones

“Dugin”. They don’t take kindly to him over there in general, I wonder why? What I haven’t found though is someone saying “Don’t read him, read dot dot dot blank” I haven’t found a Russian wiser so far.

Another name- Andrey Eliseev aka Azsakra Zarathustra

Along with the Pole Pavel Kozlovsky (Axel Histor), he is the only true Nietzschean in the Russian environment. Numbered among the Saints of Thelema.

Is there an underground society?

There must be people in English like this, and it’s not easy to find them? People sick of social media self-censoring should start a livejournal and auto-translate their writings into Russian heh.

This guy’s funny

Story of my life!! So good to find kindred spirits on yandex.

They do however seem to have a certain allergy often, for obvious reasons

This is from lurkmore, and he’s talking about his fellow russkies, so there are Germany-enthusiasts over there to find somewhere.

Yeah lots to click from lurkmore though, see ya.

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