Okay I had to do it, ru.wiki, what is lurkmore?

Reading pages there for a while, it strikes me that rude=real. This is what the social contract is ultimately about, don’t be rude to me, I won’t be rude to you. That’s the equalist way to think of at least, given that there are people who one can be most rude to. I think this post clarifies the answer to that. I can only expect revenge despite that, because people are religiously equalist. If you don’t want people to be real with you, enjoy your society I guess.

Back to lurkmore though, for the lurkers

So what are the implications of this. Using slang on yandex might turn up different results. Interestingly, I found lurkmore on google. This is how you play this game, of cracking the safe between two more or less totalitarian empires.

Lurkmore’s server is in Amsterdam, that’s why they’re allowed to continue. I don’t know if this is old news, this site. What I can tell you is that I have a lot of time to spend on it to understand the anon culture of Russia. I’m sure there are extremely online people of Russia who see the site as “cringe”, for now I’m new to various concepts – 9294 articles on there.

Here’s a ru.wiki™ term they use to describe lurkmore

Honestly there’s something obnoxious about it to me because it reminds me of channers.

“CIA Rockefeller owns the chans, both of them!”

Well they’re doing a good job then, because unprecedented thoughtcrimes on this site.

Where have they migrated to is my question.

“Putin’s prison cells, that’s where.”

Looks like they’re exiles more like. Traitors

2/6 of them are now living in Israel. There are more Shamirs out there? You know, Jews that can actually take a joke. Surprising.

Now everyone’s a kike like you, aren’t you happy. The universalization of a backwards religion. Quick, use pilpul to make more money off the trusting goyim.

Anyway, look at this find on the ru.wiki about lurkmore

Can they still be googled? Looks like maybe 10% of the sites on there could be so-called ~extremist materials~, the rest drugs, CP, methods of suicide. I wonder if there are other sites similar to lurkmore to find?

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