It’s alright, you only have to deal with me until the secret police take me away, you’ll be fine pretty soon, with no one questioning you, in a state of bliss.

Satanists truly want that. Love me or hate me, I’m some kind of post-prot like anyone in the west. Do I understand Satanism? Sure, I even identify as a Satanist in some sense. The ones who want to silence people about lobotomy are the bad kind of satanism. Imagine if God had a twitter account, I can’t imagine him ever liking anyone’s posts. And that’s the perspective I’m condemned to have. God would probably delete twitter off the internet and put Dorsey in prison. Unfortunately we are living in a time where the satanists who are mad that they were questioned have control of the new gutenberg press.

We’re all satanists, we’re all protestants, in these times. The question is which instantiation portrays the reality with the fewest lies. “Can you say something about your dick?” Find a hung white guy, that’s been my advice from the beginning. I’m only here in the way girls with small tits are here. You have to deal with me and my disrespect of women to know what people who don’t care about them think about. Go on, you can leave if you want. Women are beautiful and have infinite potential first off (deception), second off, they aren’t people who have any mental grasp on reality. Are you new here, do I have to explain that to you? This is all part of the radhanite’s plan mind you. “Perceive the one who questions us as being equivalent to a negro.” Am I? I hope not. That’s what they want people to believe though. Monkey dicks are equal to people who talk about abstract concepts. It’s your karma, I’m only trying to save you. Just find a big-dicked white dude and you’ll be fine. Why I am pulled into this reality is only because I decide to debate about it at all, most just let it happen. I say- I like the idea of white people and white children. If women aren’t happy then go live in Detroit like the whore you are. Starting to get my idea yet? If the goal is the ubermensch we can’t get that with mulattos, it requires using women as baby-machines. Equalism means seeing all the wretched ones as people who are able to speak about the ubermensch, rofl. All you can do is hate the existing ubermensch, white males. Make up excuses or submit, it’s your fate. What was it like living as a monkey in the jungle anyway? Many are about to find out.

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