This is from a western article so they probably have in mind “4000 liberal revolutionaries against Putin”

This is the jargon they use to title the federal law- “On the Protection of Children from Information Harmful to Their Health and Development”

You know how much mental focus I’ve had to devote to finding sites not for children? They make it extremely difficult to even find them. They want everyone on children’s sites only. It will be harmful for the health of a forty year old person to read certain things. At least that’s how they frame it. Remember those “Zoog” movies on Disney channel? Do you want to watch those all your life? Or do you consider that now you’re an adult you’re ready for HBO? They want you to have access to Disney-level politics only, here and in Russia.

It’s important to have a “living voice” in order to remain steady on the course of what’s right. Old books can’t do that, they’re only part of the solution. As the tech-bolsheviks perfect their banning algorithms, you will find a living voice less and less, and gradually merge with their idea of what’s right.

What I’m still in the process of looking for is a kind of in-between of old books and the living voice, to get through “the winter”. Thousands and thousands of pages of independent writers namely. Where are these so-called extremists that Russia banned? Do they still write today? Is there a downloadable folder containing a decade of all their writings? By 2023 you’ll be voluntarily listening to rap music and exclaiming “This is good!” I can see lots of people flipping to liberal before 2021 is over. Their identities will reshape into whatever is most convenient. There’s a synergistic effect with the “living voice”, with friends, that they’ll be working to undermine. Just simple en-couragement, they don’t want rightists feeding off each other, bringing out the most “hateful” side of each other, as they see it. Hatred of the bourgeois, of the lowbrow, of conformism, they want you to love all those, and many probably will pretty soon I expect. Thus I am looking for material to use as a “shelter”. I mean we already have those 9000 or so articles on lurkmore, and concepts therein to yandex to find livejournal posts. That can act as a sort of prosthetic after everyone is banned to oblivion. Years ago I managed to escape their mental deathgrip through old books alone, however there is something to be said about the reactosphere – that was and is still required for a heightened awareness. Social animals like us need to see contemporaries who believe certain things or they’re less real. Socrates is just a cartoon character without living people who act at least somewhat like him. Related idea in this post. All you need to know is that the true meaning of equality is normalizing a mindset that is less than that of even a prole. The optimal way to avoid that as it seems to me is ritual immersion in the galaxybrains of the past as well as hearing people remark about current events in a way that these dead geniuses might have if they were alive. Some people can do it on their own, I’m more of a stubborn one myself and even I appreciate finding psychological medicine to remind me of the fallenness of the modern world. They want everyone to be tamed, to submit, to accept as normal the bourgeois, the less than bourgeois, the less than prole, the inhuman, the unthinking, the cattle chewing a cud with a blank stare.

Look at this, look how many people there are in Russia

They explicitly name Hodos, and say yeah he’s pretty much right.

I wonder if this is true

Never know what’s parody with these people.

Ah someone said it

The register of prohibited sites must be entered into the register of prohibited sites, since it contains prohibited information about prohibited sites.

The founder of lurkmore froze the site about five years ago, I’m looking for developments since then. More than enough links to click already if your goal is to be a spiritual expat.

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