Won’t be surprised when this happens here

Librusec is on the list of sites with Lurkmore. The latter’s page for the former contains a bunch of links to librusec and mirror-sites of librusec which are 404’d.

If this same thing happened here, most would be too docile to care

I finally find a couple mirror-sites that seem at least somewhat viable, yet I still hit a wall when I look for books by that pagan Dobroslav.

One of the reasons Lurkmore was banned was because it advocated drug-use. This sounds accurate, and the same idea could probably be applied to Lurkmore itself

America is going to sleep pretty soon, I can sense it. Both of these above things can help prevent that. The establishmentarians decided that using 2-4% of the brain is optimal, any interpretation about kids in cages at the border or whatever is a distraction from that, don’t forget that.

It looks like the curators of Lurkmore were psychonauts, no surprise there. This is what they say of Carlos Castaneda

The greatest anonymus of the twentieth century

Ehh questionable to say the least. If you live in a totalitarian country someone like him can save you though for sure.

Trying to get up to date on years of anon culture in Russia is going to be gradual, I’m just trying to be patient. Remember that scifi writer Petukhov? A Lovecraftian inspired by his work here. Underground occultists. This is all from a decade ago, I emphasize again. Active writers are probably somewhere to be found… It looks like they had a fun time in those days, that much is clear.

They definitely see Dugin as a guardian. Maybe he’s something like Zizek over there? He’s less of a guardian to us.

The other day I was talking about finding Jews in my age group who were like Hodos, it seems a few of them that contributed to this counter-culture match that description.

So many links to click, it’s going to be a while before I isolate the ones worth reading.

I keep finding these with an entire screen of hyperlinks of names I’ve never heard of

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