This is hilarious

Dwells in synagogues. Outwardly it looks like a Jew-ghoul. For direct communication with Yog-Sothoth he uses hair-side antennae.

This is what Yarovrat calls a Zhidokoldun. He creates a Lovecraftian scifi caste-system, here’s another one of a lower type

I don’t know of an American equivalent to something like this. They’re at a more refined stage of the dialectic after 200 Years Together.

So many tabs!!

See, this is what I’ve been looking for ahahahaah!

He was inspired by Petukhov who’s written lots and lots of books.

Here is Yarovrat on the Wayback Machine. Antisemitic scifi horror, please show me how you can beat that genre.

Do you remember the early days of neoreaction, Foseti doing reviews of Tom Wolfe? Amerigoys are soooo behind the times. “Foseti, I haven’t heard that name in years, I miss that guy.” Give me a fucking break dude, it’s time to move on from PC-reaction. I haven’t even bothered to read the latest Moldbug, knowing it’s probably Zhidoupyr material.

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