For the “philosophy is maximum abstraction” folder

Invention of concepts

Wikileaks and Wikispooks are Wikifascisms next to Lurkmore. And Lurkmore is sympathetic to fascism. Confused yet?

Normies tend to know about Encyclopedia Dramatica. That’s way obsolete. If you were on Lurkmore years ago then you probably have a more up to date understanding of the world.

I’m liking the articles I’m finding on this one, called

What is “the Form” of Wiki?!

It’s probably not even called that, as in the case of Lurkmore. I’m lurking around for “Lurkmost” in other words.

These russkies have been some thought into this

I can appreciate this

Channers are so annoying, they all sound the same.

Now let’s go back to planet earth for a second and look at the Wikipedia article on Wikipedia

“Wah I don’t like planet earth, get me out of here, they’re all such liars.”

Don’t these various other wikis we’re finding better match the description Wikipedia gives of itself?

See what I mean when I say there’s a lot to click?

Information warfare – what’s the best go-to wiki to lurk so you’re not controlled by the state?

And remember, this is all the sites that aren’t even on the dark web. They might be enlightened buddhas there who laugh at all these neolurkmore sites.

I always like to remind people, Can you imagine Chinese people doing all this? Or Muslim people? There’s something special about the Russian mind. It’s not exactly “us”, and at the same time it’s the closest not-us there is.

What is all this – we do have a stereotype of them as having great psychologists over there

I must have developed one of these already, with all these links to click, driving me crazy.

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