Yeah you better stand guard, I hope you remembered your Depends too

I hate this so much šŸ˜‚


All the crypto-fascist troops, all the crypto-fascist women are my friends.

If you want to see something that is understood by all then you’re at the wrong site. The conditions that nerds like me write in the context of are framed by the imperative to think what is unthought in Heidegger. Many from the previous French generations were similar to this, whether they admitted it explicitly or not. He pretty much said it all, is the sense you get after reading a good deal of his books. Adornoids will disagree, they’re so far away from saying what is unthought in him they’re one of the ones who won’t understand this. What was unthought in him? The fact that he was living in a political order that was hostile to him. Maybe he did think it, he didn’t write it. Could he even think it in those conditions? That’s another question. His letters to Junger give one the impression that he did have thoughts he didn’t write. So, what is unwritten in him? I’d say the political order. If you want to think of it in the Kantian tradition, it’s the thing-in-itself that structures experience. Could he have known about all that? I doubt it. This is why I recurrently invoke the concept of anonymity because that’s something he didn’t have. The greatest philosopher of the Germans in recent times, after the war, what would he say if he had an anon account now? All this to say that I sense the hostile forces on the rise and I expect thinking to dwindle away into non-existence. Adornoids, they’ll be able to think, that’s because they’re part of the establishment. Any actual philosophy is not going to exist. Unless you find a safe place in Russia or Iran or something, that’s why I’m obsessive about Exit, for the sake of thinking. Heidegger didn’t think about this stuff, he lived in a time that was controlled by a “Biden-puppet x100”. This is the fate we have here. All these people pretend to believe in noble ideals when the reality is that they simply do not want people to think. Just go read Hdawg please, you won’t understand what I’m saying here unless you have some idea of what he’s about. Don’t settle for social media dorks or “new books”, he’s the one, at least in my opinion, the brilliant mind that neech facilitated. If you spend a few hours reading him, everything that living people say will seem extremely trivial. You just have to force yourself to get past that point where you’re confused and want to give up. I talk about wanting a “postmodern Aquinas”, well he’s it, for now, I just wish we could have a 2020s version, a “living voice”. What is unthought, unwritten in his writings is that philosophy is always-already conditioned by the political order that a given thinker thinks within. A few articles of Lurkmore is worth more than all the writings of Deleuze for instance. “Heresy!” You say that because you are one of them that thinks in that constrained way. Yeah call it “fascism” – I want people to be able to think outside of the established order without being persecuted, that makes me a “fascist” I guess. At least with Trump we got some idea of what a vacation from postwar ideology was like. What was unthought in the genius of the 20th century could finally speak for a few years. Here’s the ugliness I expect “philosophy” to resemble in the next few years without a coup

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