You can do something that I’ll respect sometime. Why is everything you say “approved”. My interest in speaking to the public is less and less when I see these types constantly for years. All you do is shill, no one sees you as a human being. “Care about humanity!” There’s humanity to care about? Where is that? Get used to this unfortunately, I can only be inspired when I know real human beings are alive, and they don’t exist for the most part. “I’m a human.” Yeah right HAHAHAHA!!!!!! Prove it.

“Biden is right that–” let me stop you there. You are a subhuman. It’s time for you to rethink things. Do you want to be perceived as beautiful? This might be a way for you if you are a shudra. “What is a shudra?” We don’t want people to know about that.

None of it matters, misanthropy is the ultimate truth. Certain castes should escape from the hordes in order to talk about political philosophy.

“You can’t say that!” – So you’re a shudra.

The US tries to pretend you don’t exist. “Who?” Some kind of human monkey that tries to live in the modern world with the majority at their approval. You believe in monkey-humanity too? You’re so admirable, tell me more, you believe in submitting to the state and worshiping monkeys, what other advice do you have kike-soul? How worthless americans are? There’s no point in talking to you. I only speak to a minority that is beautiful. If you aren’t in that category I don’t care about you at all. The ones who invented art and science should live in 2050. “You’re a NAZI!” Artists and scientists should live in 2050 or you’re a Nazi, that’s all you need to know.

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