Sending signals out to a possible non-shudra in reality somewhere. They don’t exist as far as I can tell. The chances of them existing is even less in the future. Shudra, non-shudra, what’s the difference is the guiding ethos. Non-shudras are you hearing me? We need to not accept turning into shudras like them. “You are talking to exclusively shudras.” I refuse to believe it. “Everyone is a shudra now” is the wave of the future. You have fun with that, I’ll always see you as low-class and making rationalizations for yourself. It’s because you always have been like you are now, making excuses instead of saying that you want to create a humanity beyond the existing one. “I’ll think of a way to express that so the liberal order favors me.” I know you will, hence only shudras I see.

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