Getting up early to study the Talmud and being distracted by the 9000 tabs Lurkmore led me to – here is what they say of it though

 In a sense, it serves as an upgraded version of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” for anti-Semites

Another wiki

How I see you when you post about surface politics

Sweet dude, do a kickflip.

Whoa, so that Platonov was sentenced to four years of probation last month

in his historical research they found statements that, according to the prosecutor, undermine the foundations of the country.

He’s not some chantard, he’s working on publishing a 20 volume encyclopedia of the Russian people.

It’s interesting to contemplate the nature of the encyclopedia as such. Would a digital encyclopedia cite a physical encyclopedia as authoritative? Why not the other way around? How authoritative could an uneditable encyclopedia be? Looking at the need to create all these post-wikipedia encyclopedias it seems the traditional kind is obsolete. Can you cite for your claim that the opinions of foot-shudras are worthless? And yet how true it is.

What is it with these Russians writing thousand page books anyway?

If you only have the attention span to read one three sentence tweet at a time how exactly are you not a primitive tribesperson? People like that should not confidently state their political opinions. At least have the humility to mind your own business (of being a foot). Anyway, meanwhile, I still see libs accusing Trump of being Putin’s puppet – they will never be able to appreciate the Russians in their lifetime. High culture in general is something demonic to them, via this

Sometimes memes can just say it all. In over a decade of writing did that jew-schmoozer Jim ever approach this cheap meme? And what did optics get him, besides nothing?

Look at this joke, from those lurkmore tripper trolls, I’m gonna start calling it that

From the latest post-lurkmore wiki

The Russians are connected to us–negatively. I wonder if there’s a historical pattern of caricaturing the previous country to the current host country throughout the 109 escapades. The 1492 expulsion of Spain – there must be literature somewhere on what they said about Spain to their new countries. “Antisemitism!”

I wonder if google-translate could help us route-around the this rabbinizing

If I’m fluent in Hebrew and Russian in 2030 I won’t be surprised.

Here is the chabadpedia article on the Tanya

There’s also a Wikishia for those with the mental illness that demands that they “know everything”.

Looks like I have links to click

Heh I had to – from the Lurkmore article on him

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