They’re mystics so it’s not like I’m not finding something edifying about studying them.

Who you callin Qliphoth

The fact that “chabadpedia” exists… I love it. It’s like having my own personal Rabbi, giving a Nazi instructions against his will.

This is what the unclean smallskullgoys are reading instead

In Russian – Танья. In Hebrew – התניא. The latter is how I found chabadpedia. With the cyrillic you can find the goy perspective on it – this one suggested this ( also, a recent forum discussion on it.)

Hacking Hindu esotericism? That’s not the highest ambition.

For the sell-outs let me put it this way- are there plenty of goys who are a problem? Yes. Does it make the establishment happy when you criticize goys? Yes. Does it make them happy when you criticize Radhanites? No. This means that you’re a sell-out if you only criticize goys. Meanwhile, enjoy the holidays if you’re not a sell-out ahahahaah

You probably didn’t enjoy the holidays anyway, so lose/lose for you!

If you’re not running as fast as you can to God then the Chabad is probably right about you

עבודת האדם ביחס לקליפות אלו היא התעלמות מוחלטת, או שבירתם וביטולם לגמרי. לא ניתן לברר ולזכך את הקליפות, מכיון שהם רעים מצד עצם מציאותם.

Chabad library. There’s bound to be truth serum material there somewhere.

This is recent

In 1952, the Book of the Tanya was first translated into another language

You can’t tell me that this doesn’t remind you of a certain secular group of people

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