It’s even stranger when you see this on an israeli site

The Mossad must know. They could be terrorists.

The secrets of your faith–to the highest bidder.

Why did they have to ruin the concept of masks, it was one of my favorites

Or, depending on whether you’re a conspiracy theorist about COVID, maybe they solidified the ketman meaning of mask.

Anyway looking for some clues about the Druze

Symbolic, a liminal people

They’re over-represented in the border police. Sort of spiritual intermediaries between Jews and Muslims?

This is odd

Really? First time I’m seeing someone say this, and it’s in Hebrew

Shia with a strong influence of neo-platonic philosophy?

Synchronicity seeing this

If they’re neoplatonists then… why should a more illogical religion deserve the Golan Heights?

“Oh, so this is all part of your anti-zionist agenda, I thought you just wanted to understand an obscure religion better.”

Nietzscheanism seems more logical than this crap we’re made to believe in zogland, so I sympathize with the Druze.

I saw this the other day on the Vietnamese internet

Why does this consistently happen with you spiritually jewish so-called leftists? It’s just a neo-royalism. Total scam, look, here too

A Muslim I saw the other day put it aptly

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