Lurkmore introducing me to some new friends

Some ultra-Orthodox (the Naturei Karta sect) have such an unbridled hatred of the State of Israel that they support the Palestinians in the Arab-Israeli conflict , which arouses normal Israelis’ hatred of them in response.

Looks like they have their own ADL page

They have Dugin’s opinion that based on their own tradition only the Moshiach can establish the state of Israel.

Total hypocrites too?

Who’s right, the Chabad or NK?

It’s all a coincidence that this speech was held, right?

It looks like it’s not only the NK among the orthodox, the Satmar Hasidim also see it as blasphemy and sin

So we have to suffer and sacrifice our own country not even for a made-up promise in an obsolete text, rather for a misinterpretation of that text. Just keeps stacking up how much of frauds they all are.

I saw one estimate that 20,000 NK members live in Israel, while the ADL claims there are fewer than 100 of them, hmm I wonder if I should trust the ADL? Even 100 would mean–100 Shamirs potentially? Lots of food for thought with him alone. Learning also of yet another group similar to the two mentioned, the Sikrikim. Ashkenazi IQ writings available somewhere? Israel is only a peripheral problem in my opinion, the real problem is the desire to eradicate scientist-genetics. Israel is closely related to that obviously, in that being anti-white derives from a revenge for not having a homeland. Are there direct debates between the Chabad and NK?

You don’t see this every day

More here

They put all their focus on the “unclean shells” of the goyim, maybe the NK is the true representative of what the Chabad calls the shell of Venus.

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