The idea of an extremist feminist reading this after all the terrible, dehumanizing things I’ve said is the timeline I like the most. If you can do that what else are you capable of? Wearing an apron? It’s alright, I respect Beauvoir, more than you probably know, there are just basic acknowledgments that the left pretends aren’t real. There won’t be feminism in a collapsed, multicultural country. The presupposition of women’s rights is actually the death of women’s rights. The idea of being able to question it at all is essential to it. What are my thoughts about Beauvoir, you’d have to ask me. In general, a woman in the Cartesian tradition is good news. “Why don’t I yell at you about that because that’s what women do” – that IS what women do. Some are real feminists. If you’re a shudra you won’t understand that, and most are. I for one have unwavering faith in some kind of Überwench beyond time and space that is not a slave, yet I’ve never seen one. They are there somewhere, that’s what I tell myself. They think they can be beautiful by being a supermodel rather than saying words, that’s funny and depressing. The real beauty is on the plane of ideas. Beauvoir couldn’t even do that, can you?

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