I always bring up how I want to be judged by extraterrestrials. That is what I seek this morning when I Yandex קליפת נוגה (Venus shell). I don’t approach them with hostility, I approach them expecting to learn something. This Kabbalistic reading of Exodus is somewhat interesting in that it seems to presuppose a human caste-system that aligns with sephiroth

A Marxist would frame that article as talking about the impurity of proles

The worst of them is the left side baker of the категорииורה (Geburah) category, who ignites like fire in his oven. 

It’s funny to imagine Kabbalist thoughts going through the minds of bosses in the context of this post.

Is Kabbalah a scientific system with goyim as its object, among other things? That’s what I want to know.

That NK group from yesterday disparaged the leading Zionists of today by calling them corporation owners. I doubt they are initiated into Kabbalah, I just suspect that there are cladistic traces in their mental activity.

This other article I see on this site, I don’t get this sense from our plutocrats at all

All the badness of the devil is what they seem to channel.

So, one of the most controversial things I get into here is the question of whether they themselves are unclean shells as they call it. Because theoretically the evils in the world we see caused by our elites today could be a result of breaking from their mystical tradition. On the other hand, one could interpret it as adhering to that tradition in a secular fashion. That’s up in the air from my perspective. And you will be ostracized from society if you wonder about these things in public.

Here’s this theme again

You can use a euphemism or not, they see goyim as niggers. Do the secular ones too? From what I can tell, yes, generally speaking. Are they right? I would say yes, just not in the way that they think. You’re not going to hear this perspective from many people. Most jews and goys I don’t like to hear talk- if you want to apply a “bad word” to describe them that’s up to you. I see them mostly as pre-literate. Some Chabadniks probably agree with me, that’s who I’m looking for at the moment. “You don’t understand the kabbalah, dumb goy.” It seems like the kabbalistic system itself is stuck on one sephira. Jews are self-enclosed and don’t permit dialecticism. I Yandex the Hebrew for the unclean shells (שלוש קליפות הטמאות) and see a picture of a Jewish woman. My first thought is Yeah that does seem unclean to me. It’s a Gypsy! No, not quite, it’s a Jewess. Am I wrong? Are there pure ones out there somewhere? Probably, I don’t of any. I can’t help it that that was my first thought.

If this is the case, why would we want people like that controlling our screens? The Kabbalah and their Rabbis have evidently failed them if saying “that word” is enough to condemn them.

Only in your fantasies.

For good there is only one and that is Gd, that there is no other besides

Jews were aufheben’d centuries ago, millennia ago, again and again, and they never learn or change.

Try to be humble and incorporate new ideas sometime

Only a couple thousand years late, it’s fine.

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