A suggestion from anuddah auticle from dat Yarovrat

Da auticle’s titled Jews of the city of Dunwich. What is goin on heuh?

I still haven’t been able to find da collected wuhks of dis Yarovrat. I did foind da first book of dat petulant Petukhov’s Star Revenge easily on google.

The courts ruled against these ones specifically

The writer’s books “The Fourth World War” and “Genocide” are recognized as extremist, banned, subject to confiscation and destruction.

How do you plan to spend 2021? Without nazi occultist scifi? Sounds lame.

If you click dat Yarovrat link you might notice there are parallels between that and the Kabbalah links I’ve posted recently.

This Yarovrat seems like a pretty cool guy to me

When his inspiration Petukhov wrote

I’m not sure Yarovrat is inaccurate speaking this way here

This is from Yarovrat’s livejournal, first time I’ve seen a Russian say this

He has an article on “Russian Germanophilia”

The phrase that keeps repeating in my mind is “The US is so doomed” – anybody else? I’m going to be finding solace in these kinds of people throughout the years on the way.

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