I wasn’t asking YOU

I’m going to burn in hell for this. And you’ll be there with me dear reader.

One clue I’ve found of this nature is the upper sill.

The heeb-speakers don’t tell me anything useful so I turn to my Arabic friends – nothing. Now I ask the Persians. Find a review of one of Shamir’s books. People don’t have a greed for knowledge, I swear. Is it considered a vice to humanity?

I decide to ask the Germans. This one claims that the Qliphotic worlds are not “human-friendly”, they’re hostile to life. He says figuratively speaking it can easily go -112 degrees. And this is a 500 page book of rituals on how to access these worlds. He says it ideally leads to self-evolution and self-deification. Now I’m wondering if a demon wrote this book. “Just perform these rituals so we can add another puppet to our collection, get your friends involved too, why not?” This is from 2019, and he says there isn’t much published on these subjects.

Is the Chabad involved with this

I’m sure they have books they’d never let anyone scan and put on the internet. The one I linked to by Frater goy here seems close to one of these hypothetical books.

This is where the will-to-truth has led me. Kenneth Grant, who I think of as thee expert “qliphothist”, wasn’t even close to as detailed as this Frater. Feels like I’ve been scrolling forever and he’s still issuing warnings. Seeing some self-initiation documents from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the spheres of the qliphoth pertain to gathering the “knowledge of evil”. If “they” know then I have to know, that’s how I see it.

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