On a walk I remembered my old self. Probably from 5 years ago. It’s been wild. No one would even believe me if I told them, wouldn’t even understand, so I don’t bother. Are “crypto-people” a historical constant? Maybe via pamphlets prior to the internet? It’s weird. I’m starting to remember my old, more innocent self. Back when I thought that certain thinkers could only vaguely be applied to reality, rather than directly. Taking philosophies to their ultimate conclusion, is there something not innocent about that? It’s like if you want to be part of an institution you have to have a voice in your head telling you Stop there, Stop there, Stop there. Stagnation is too much of a virtue in our culture. It brings stability. So you have a stability of stagnation, alright. Without a State of Exception that’s not going to change. More and more detritus, more and more acceptance of detritus. The cultural “tone” has been changing right before my eyes the last couple years. Even dull proles are preferable to listen to. If you’re part of the prog-wave you’re worse than even them. All hope is lost, people of today remind me of the fastfood trash that collects in the roadside gutter. There’s a rhythm of the zeitgeist, and as it descends to the nadir you can decide to join it or not, and it isn’t even to avoid following it where it leads, and turning into it yourself. We’ll be seeing a lot of that joining of the descent–rather than the dissent–in the future. They’ll follow it all the way to inhumanity. I don’t blame China for blocking certain sites and channels at all. You can’t be redeemed in your life if you submit to the erasure of culture that the zeitgeist demands, you’re going to pay somehow. This isn’t a matter of speculation, there is going to be retribution. You think that shudras are happy people? As you turn more and more like them there will be consequences. If you live in crudeness, if you live in the moment, that’s going to catch up to you in the future, and it’s going to be very painful for you when it does. Being a shudra isn’t anything anyone wants to be, it’s a state of impulse characterized by a background of suffering amidst fleeting escapes. That’s the future most have chosen. Is there a way to get away from these people? I hope I’ve given some ideas about that. I don’t think being a spiritual expat is enough. You’re going to be joining the zeitgeist if you pay attention at all to their world, and as they descend to the nadir you will be there with them, as one of them. Call me a soothsayer, none of this is a joking matter to me whatsoever. Somewhere cold, to think cold thoughts. Until the zeitgeist hits the lowest of the low and can do nothing else besides rise toward the divine again. That’s when it’ll be better to return from the place of frost.

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