This makes me laugh, maybe it shouldn’t

I wonder if there’s anything cross-cultural about the qliphoth

Less than 1% of scientological “scripture” is unpublished – does it pertain to the knowledge of evil?

There’s probably a 16 year old reading this, go play baseball or something, kid.

Mystical kabbalah could possibly be more dangerous than political kabbalah, potentially leading to amoralism. People are already nihilistic enough as it is, how it get worse? Don’t think there are enough Jeffrey Dahmers, Jeffrey Epsteins in society?

You can never substantiate the following claim without studying kabbalah yourself

It’s known as a sacramental descent into the qliphoth, a redemption through sin, an inverted messianism.

I’ve never read QAnon, the facebook boomer memes I saw a couple years ago caused me to have a stigma around that. It seems there’s enough evidence out there that the elites fuck kids and get away with it, you don’t have to be a QAnon person to acknowledge that. Do these same people meddle with qliphoth? Some of them probably do. With others it’s just cladistic. They seem to have even universalized it amongst the goys. Descent into the qliphoth? That’s just something normal, Ghislaine Maxwells are something normal today. This is where it seems to derive from, a form of evil mysticism. Here is a page from Hodos if you want to understand their psychology. I wish I was exaggerating, we truly do live in a Satanic time. How did they get this way? Take this from that German book on the qliphoth I found yesterday

They were too ideologically incestuous for centuries. They didn’t allow goys to be their guardians (in a different sense than when I speak of the platonist caste). They were engulfed in the chaos. Now they’ve universalized that. You know the pimping and sex-trafficking in Auschwitz they don’t want you to know about? We tried to put an end to it… And now the ones who tried to stop it are seen as the qliphothic demons. Little blonde girls are their lunch. Goys are already impure shells to them, there’s no further depravity possible in their minds. For Christian Qabbalists that’s far from the truth. The qliphoth are seen as a sort of debris left over from creation. The Jews are arguably that. The holocaust mythos essentially divinizes the qliphoth. No, the irony of this is not lost on me. Because the orthodox kabbalists are correct about the form and not the content, they don’t apply it to themselves. It’s an elaborate coping mechanism they developed in exile. Yes, they are right that only certain shells have a spark, while most are irredeemable animals and filth. They are the latter. Anti “white supremacy” is anti people with a spark. The ethos of the modern world is characterized by the imperative to immanentize the demonic qliphothic sphere. Just how a sparkless shellgoy sees the kabbalah anyway.

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