A brave Cohen doesn’t believe this history should be suppressed

He says “white slavery” effectively ended at the holocaust, coincidentally.

This is a review of this book that seems to have been bought off the market for reasons of maintaining “respectability”

Based on the reviews I’ve found, that subtitle is misleading. Bristow teaches a course on the holocaust so go from there.

I wonder what these titles are

Moreover it should be re-emphasised that none of the original story is accidentally “hidden” or “lost” history. At the time it was very well known. There were popular yiddish plays and novels such as Sholem Asch’s Mottke the Thief.

It looks like he has another one about a Jewish brothel-owner called The God of Vengeance as well.

I’m sure there’s a neo-nazi out there who might take the time to read it given that the modern world is a brothel owned by a jew – the play was banned in New York, I wonder why.

This, unsuprisingly, isn’t easy to find either.

What was going on in Eastern Europe that ticked the Nazis off so much anyway?

Another one

In Kuprin’s Yama, surely the best-known novel about Russian brothels, the “flesh traders” also had Jewish surnames

Genealogists hate to find material like this, don’t they?

They put up advertisements in peasant villages, promising girls a better life. Next scene, they’re sex-slaves, prostitutes.

Unrelated- isn’t the owner of onlyfans a kike?

Anyway, there’s still lots of work to be done to destabilize Exodus. Auschwitz is the modern version of that. With both destabilized the state religion could collapse. If it was revealed that they were running pedo brothels in the Pale of Settlement people might start to wonder if Epsteins deserved the gas chamber.

Tell me this there isn’t something about this that is reminiscent of the modern mindset

It’s almost too sad to laugh

Facilitate ruining the lives of young white women

Between Russia and Germany, residents of the border regions helped their fellow pimps when crossing the border for women who were involved in prostitution. A small town in Austrian Galicia served as a gathering point before crossing the border: Auschwitz

What a symbolic city for that.

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