I might have to purchase one of these in Tel Aviv to degrade purely out of spite

“Jokes” aside, still have not found The Thief by Sholem Asch. I did realize something though- I’ve been googling Hebrew rather than Yiddish, might find different results with the latter.

I wonder what we could find here

When we have the same shadow overlords in 2031 will you start caring about this stuff or nah? You’re an apolitical creature if you only speak about the presidency.

Asch has another “underworld play” called The Dead Man, and there’s no easy to find PDF of that either, at least in English. This time of history is erased from memory. The years prior to “Year 1”, what happened? There’s this nonfiction book on their criminal underworld as well.

Wouldn’t you like to know something about them, how they were before they arrived here?

In the last two decades of the nineteenth century, nearly two million Jews left Eastern and Central Europe and the Russian Empire and settled in the United States. Arriving in the United States, some of them continue to do what they did in Chisinau or Odessa. 

Do you know of any accounts like that of Asch? The reliable literature is non-existent, making them ever the victim. What I really want to get my hands on is that Bristow book! That seems like one of the greatest weapons out there based on the reviews.

Political capital the Nazis made of the issue? Strange you never hear about that.

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