Some good news about this other Yiddish “underworld” writer Warszawski

This kind of stuff will be good for anon writers of the future. What were those pre-war shtetls really like? Realist writers who lived in them will give us some idea of that.

Is he even translated into English? That doesn’t really matter anymore with goog-translate

The language is laced with dialect and vulgarity; the focus skips from one underworld character to another; the descriptions are bloodily expressionistic.

Just trying to set you guys up with some subversive materials. Maybe I’ll peace out of here for a while and finally write a novel myself. Given the hopelessness of politics [laughing deliriously].

Would this man’s screams provoke anything from you besides a smirk after learning that he wrote novels involving “shiksé“?

Speaking of him, one can probably find goy perspectives on all this on the Polish internet. For another day, I really don’t give a fuck at the moment.

I read that the Sholem Asch book was poorly translated, so maybe it’s better to find the Yiddish original and let google-translate do the rest. There’s probably a reason you’ve never heard of these writers, erasing them allowed for the 1945 reset to go as smoothly as possible. If my site disappears by the way, translate some of my favorite words into Russian and Yandex them, maybe then you’ll find me. “Hoohoohoo hahaha”

Anyway, another one of this genre is Isaac Babel, the KGB killed him. Stories from Odessa. A book about lower-class and upper-class Jews from those times that parodies the ones of the US today, that’s what I’d like to read, and I might have to write it myself. We could all have lots of fun the next few years, creating this new genre. What better praxis is there? I can’t think of one. You just have to study a lot of books first to make it maximally devastating. To further avoid censorship, one could theoretically learn from Yarovrat and use Lovecraftian symbolism in place of direct antisemitism. I’m more of a theorist than an artist unfortunately so I tend to give people ideas on how to improve society through art where theory can’t, maybe that will change.

Here’s anuddah auticle involving that Bristow book

The slut problem and the jewish “question” are intrinsically bound together. Want to talk about the ills of the country? How about the corruption of half the population. And who does that make happy I wonder? Why doesn’t a novel like this exist yet? Say a 200 pager that will cause anyone who reads it to be a rampant antisemite and slut-shamer? It has to be subtle of course, that is what theory can’t exactly do (unless it’s heavily rhetorical) because certain mental alerts sound if it’s too direct, it has to be something that speaks to the subconscious. Does this society make you happy? 50% of them are corrupted by 2%, then we have the 14%, and then who even keeps track of the latino percent, the majority of society is intrinsically sickening and it doesn’t have to be. How do we begin to solve that problem? Probably with erudite individuals writing theory and novels, and film nerds might be able to go even further than that independently of hollywood and create a more beautiful society-saving truth-bomb.

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