Lurkmore has a tag called “Our Everything” with various unknown (at least to me) writers’ names followed by “is our everything!” and I trust their judgment so I’m clicking around on that. Pushkin is the definitive one? I’ll have to check’eem out. I see Lurkmore through this lens- a relative peak of highest wisdom prior to cataclysm (Russia gov’s censorship and exile of the founders). “Dude they’re channers!” There’s golden ages with anons. Srsly tho, I do find some neckbeards they like sometimes and I “wonder”, all in all they have better judgment than most.

You ever hear of this guy?

Maybe russiagate would’ve been impossible if Zinoviev was better known?

I’m looking for “new concepts” mostly, and they direct me to lots of thinkers I’ve never heard of.

I find Zinoviev via Galkovsky who has this idea of hegemon-subhegemon

How times change

2028 | China | USA

Nice work levelers, it’s all your fault. Soulless and jealous, no future-sense, and self-centered, and it’s all your fault. To be charitable, the heart of Christ plays a role too, so it’s about confusion regarding excess- it’s possible to be too nice. And that, ultimately, isn’t nice. I really look forward to Chinese collectivist conformity with high-tech characteristics, don’t you?

The Lurkmorians seem to have put a lot of thought into this

Given the “eternal” factor here, I’m ready to add the “new” theory about them that “transforming” them shouldn’t be on the list. It’s not going to happen.

The subconscious of the cattle speaks


“I thought you weren’t going to bring them up!” If you had that impulse are you sure you aren’t like the subconscious of the cattle described above?

Perceptive way to put it

it is much more pleasant and easier to fulfill the Genius Decision Descended from Above, without doubting its Great Truth and Orthodoxy

Relax, transformation is possible. Lurkmore is a quasi-Jewish site it seems, they’re just self-critical, probably one of the reasons Russia is hated as the devil here. There’s a disproportionate representation of Jews on their “our everything” tag, much to my chagrin. There’s a woman too. Lots of meme/concepts at the end of the page for those interested. White anons are more often fluent in realtalk.

Rorschach test – what do you see?

Most frequently – “Cattle exists, and I am not them.”

Lurkmore is similar to Zinoviev above – an updated perspective on Russia after Solzhenitsyn and Dugin (and they’re from a decade ago) – a 5%er perspective

Maybe even a 2%er – I’m hoping they’ll lead me to a 1%er

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