What can be found googling all these languages?!

I must done that white person thing where I fetishize exoticism by looking for sites in Arabic – obviously most of the ones above are going to have “white brain” takes that one can appreciate. How severe is the brainwash in Europe though?

Then there’s also this tweak

And I dunno about you, I’ve only spent a few hours on Mandarin Google, that seems to be better than Baidu, and uh, 1.4 billion people? Bound to be some precogs to find if you type in the magic words. There must be some freaks to find. Using Danish for instance could we find a living Kierkegaard no one’s heard of? I’m willing to bet that some of the greatest minds alive are pretty much unknown (due to being freaks).

Possibly use this standard?

If they hate the US that’s a great sign.

Dutch internet, ever been on that?

My first instinct is to look for Dutch political philosophers, and then as I scroll the nl.wiki the cynicism hits me that the books of any surface-types like that are probably going to put me to sleep. The world is tragic like that. “Don’t be so cynicaaaal.” My hopes are not high, I’m still looking on there for now. The Dutchman Spinoza was condemned, what else do you need to know? EU member states I don’t expect anything from. Such a waste of brains!! A Dutch version of Lurkmore would be preferred. Smelling lots of cathedralism there so far. So much smarter than the Arabic internet though, gotta love those Western Europeans despite their prog nonsense. I’ve noticed that you find more freeminded people than average if you translate the word “geopolitics” into a given language. It’s cool to find this for instance

People in other countries that don’t submit to US norms. This one is from 2009 so that’s not a good sign. He mentions “The Singaporean”. We have a WEB. Google translate allows you to google about 40 or so European languages instantly, I wonder who we can find?

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