A Romanian

“It’s jUsT a CoNsPiRaCy!” That’s why every single country I find they characterize it pretty much the same way, which most Americans refuse to do themselves.

Speaking of Romanians… I was so naive about a year and a half ago, asking Romanian friends if they could translate Schimbarea la față a României for me. I thought the English internet was all.

From the first page of it

I thought it my duty to suppress a few pretentious and stupid pages. This edition is final. No one has the right to change it.

Remember, he ripped out the “Nazi” pages. I’m not sure if people remember some of my autistic investigations from back then. He’s one of the few right-neechens out there. Prima editie – first edition. So much pain thinking about Cioran, and that’s appropriate. If he were alive today he’d probably be happy to see someone talking the way the one in the initial link above does. Keep finding the 1990 edit. It’s a pre second french revolution text by a galaxy brain that went into hiding after the war. I don’t see the 1990 preface here. He’s so harsh to Romania. “You don’t have a history! What are you going to do about it?” Every undeveloped country needs a Cioran to yell at them. Anyway, on the left side at that link you’ll see there the different sections of the book you can click. The 141st page of the pdf starts with “Spirala istorică a României” and so does the final paragraph at that link, so it’s at least the 1990 edited edition, in instant-english, better than anything I’ve found so far.

From that initial 2014 article

The Anglo-Zionist empire really allows us to have a state, but only formally, and it can give up on us or abolish us at will as it is most useful to it. 

1930s Cioran (wink wink) would not like this either. 1950s Cioran would though!

We might not even know about Cioran today if he didn’t edit that book.

Keep telling yourself that you don’t stay in line purely in order to avoid the above.

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