What they don’t teach you in history class


All these languages, with technology, you can use to try to understand the Pale of Settlement from people who lived in those countries where it was instead of relying on the biased interpretation of an Zio-American professor. You can get a better understanding than a PhD here does with this method.

Looking up that Bristow book in Polish, let me tell you, it isn’t pretty. I see how these same people affect our culture today, it’s very sad.

Preliminary questions to ask if we had an Antiversity-

What did they do to have to live in this designated place known as the Pale of Settlement?

What was their behavior like when they were there?

What was their behavior like after 1917?

What was their behavior like after 1991?

If you answer any of these questions honestly “they” are not going to be happy with you.

One figure I saw, they trafficked 10,000 Ukrainian girls per year and tricked them into a life of prostitution. With technology these days it’s a lot more than 10,000 a year.

Just some things to think about, you know, if you don’t like that that’s happening. It’s really easy to google various questions and subjects in various languages. Or just pretend that American historiography isn’t deceptive in any way.

He dug through stored statistics from eight countries, and now with technology anyone can do something like that effortlessly.

I wonder what this is about?

And what happens to our society if we pretend they’re not the way they were in the decades prior to and after the Pale of Settlement?

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