I always feel that my intended readers form a society across history. There’s something similar between shamanism and Alfarabi in that regard. It’s a sense that we’ve already been here and we’re here once again. See, the cattle are the same as they ever were. And then the more ancient ones in my mental panopticon accuse me of utopianism for promoting CRISPR. You really think that won’t change the cattle? They’re skeptical. This probably sounds like insane-talk to many people, I don’t care.

Believe it or not, I don’t consider myself an egotistic or arrogant person, I simply seek friends who I don’t have to lie to. You want to talk about shudras and all that? It’s the only way to talk with equals. And it brings me no joy at all to report that “friends” aren’t really something I have. There are different levels of leveling. You have the ordinary liberal form, the leftist form, then there are also forms of it amongst rightists. None of them understand the Light, they live in a dim existence. Fumbling around blindly and trying to put on the public display that they know what they’re doing, and of course many shudras find it convenient to believe them. The more you level the worse your political order is going to be, and the less content the citizens will be. Only people who don’t live with a dim awareness should be where the banksters and vaishyas are now. Unfortunately. They’re only trying to maximize capital and this-worldly status, they have no clue what I mean when I talk about a conversation across history. I doubt even the brahmin reading this does. What they don’t realize is that when they level, they’re leveling their own contentment simultaneously. It’s based on people who are better than you telling you what to do, and not liking it. All of Marx is contained in that error. And that’s where we are now, vaishya-chandalas, shudras, and pseudo-brahmins thinking they understand political philosophy. Might as well be Marxists. People who rightfully see you as contemptible you can’t endure. They’d rather live blindly than be judged. See how that goes for you, I already know what 2050 will be like for you, and I’m sure even then you will continue to cope and seethe. Send me a letter then though, I insist.

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