Imagining a Chabadist reading this, an evangelical Hebrew who is similar to whites in not being able to be a Jew. We can be friends if you want. I know neither of us could see the other as equals. We only can talk telepathically, you might have noticed. The reason for this is because… are you reading this because you’re a Jew or because YHWH is important to you? The real “letters” aren’t “YHWH” or “God”, it can’t even be spoken of. Either the Jews or the Christians are right. We have a reading-group here where neither are right. Nor are Muslims, or so-called “Scientists”. Judaeo-Christianity, Islam, Scientism, Why has science aligned with zionism to create an epistemological imperative that bankers, whores, those lacking in bravery, and monkeypeople are something we want in society? Can you give me a scientific explanation why any of those people are good in society? They control what “science” is so where is it that COWARDICE is a good thing in society? That seems true, yes? Why else do so many hate me? Cowards only make me sick, in a way you’d never understand being a coward yourself. It’s good that you never say anything against them, its good that shtetlbumpkins and Talmudistic greedy people are never able to be questioned for their actions, almost like a nigger. Why are you similar to a ghetto being whose mind is concerned with “papuh” git dat muney, git dat, I’m a fucken Jew nigger, what about it? Pilpul for goyim. Jews are worth the same as capitalists and browns – they’re both! I pretend I want to speak to some Chabadist who can peer into the mysteries of Being and they have no response besides Esther, this must be a timeless story. Esthers and hoes in society, do you think this way too? If you cannot speak to a Neo-Nazi “prosateur” what is that keeps you from writing a text that prevents antisemitism? You can never respond directly. KGB Hyksos Radhanite that can’t explain why there’d need to be laws in place so no one could ever make a joke about them. It’s because you’re too contemptible to make a joke about. “What does that mean?!” scream the mosashod, whatever shtetl collaboration. It means you’re too inhuman to even criticize.

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