We’re living in a white man’s country. Anyone who protests against that is a kike, whore, wigger, or brown. The context is that you are all living in a white man’s world. If you hate that I wonder what your country is like? AHAHA! Kikes depend on charity to have a state, no feminist state exists, wigger state is leftist dystopia that requires banning to survive, brown countries are primitive huts that depend on begging. I’m sorry that you live in a white man’s world, that’s where you are. Jews don’t even have their own state, how much that makes me laugh ahahahhahaahaha. Women can’t pull off feminism without needing all the other desperate ones ahaa it’s just too desperate. The countries you look with brown people look like they’re savages who need to copy white culture. Here is a white man laughing at you. Why do you have to ban people like me to forget about all this? It’s because you’re a subhuman. Nothing there, no one there. That makes you mad. Show me a country that jews, whores, wiggers, or niggers built. There isn’t one in history. You’re subhumans. Make up an excuse why you’re not. Typical nigger behavior. Keep being who you are, nigger. White or brown, it doesn’t matter, a subhuman.

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