Love to find a hate queen. So rare, and their accounts are always disappeared. You can’t find that with leftist women. They gear their good taste toward leftist causes and that’s not being a hate queen at all. People have seriously began acting like monkeys and they don’t even realize it. All racism means is that you have a sense of taste, thus leftists have none. With this one I find even I feel hated, and I like that. I wish I could find someone who hates me. Keeps me in line. And not according to the leftist state’s standards. Just so sad, nothing to live for without that. Can’t wait to find a used-up slut who I’ll be divorced from within a few years then pay child support for a kid the feminist will teach to despise me, there’s a lot to look forward to in life. Leftist women are low-class, something worse than rednecks, and we’re supposed to see them as representing cultural refinement. No, you act like a monkey, and just because you’re given status for it in clownworld doesn’t mean you have any value to people who see the zoo for what it is. Good breeding is something to be respected, and when you have mudchildren it means you failed at life, even apeniggers know that on some level. Stimulus check? I want a hate queen, with actual standards. That way I’d live my life more strictly too. Low-class leftist women live in a state of perpetual self-humiliation and it’s just accepted as the new standard. That’s what you get when the jew genius Einstein supposedly grounds the epistemology of relativism with SCIENCE! Relativism of cultures. It means everyone’s going to act like a monkey. Thanks, genius. Hate queens turn their nose up at displays of low culture, low-class leftism women applaud it. I’ll put you in a cage at the zoo for hate queens to laugh at. Busted whores who are worse than trailer trash, seriously. Imagine a woman turning away in disgust when she sees the vulgar displays of a group of poors. No, that’s not Marxist, you have to learn from the detritus of the world, they’re not dirty, they’re the golden ones. Can’t you see how they shine? It’s blinding! The anointed subhumans don’t make you sick, only snobs are tasteless because they’re “mean”. More and more of this relativism turning people into monkeys in the next four years. People are status-driven creatures so they’ll do what they have to do. Being a reactionary means not following the zeitgeist if you don’t agree with the direction it’s going. I keep thinking of sneering Adorno while writing this too, he was on a similar plane of being disgusted by tastelessness, calling people philistines, etc. What we have now is a decadent form of Marxism, it doesn’t have to be that way.

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