So many pages like this I’m not going to click

“Cultural Marxism” as it was propagated by the Frankfurt School as the descriptor of the establishment is an obsolete meme if they’re canceling Adorno too now.

People are such simpletons that if you named the baddy as “Capitalism” and then proceeded to speak as a reactionary, most would probably be pretty receptive to what you have to say. Look at this, Adorno might as well be someone out of the reactosphere

Identification with dominant powers in order to feel strong? That pretty much explains all these fools today. Adorno goes with isolation in lieu of that, can you relate? Might as well call it capitalism for optics.

Without optics though, the above reminds me of Hodos’ take on the Protocols, that they were written to make people feel so powerless as to demoralize them. I do a lot of speculation regarding the subconscious so it’s always really up for you to decide. Do you feel so overwhelmed that you decide to conform? If you’re aware of how they affect you it could put you in a stronger state to challenge them. Most seem to believe that they believe what they believe because they chose to believe it themselves. I don’t expect many to have moments of self-awareness where they realize “Yes, they do overwhelm me!” They have too much pride to admit that they’re able to be controlled. It’s a sort of demonic possession, they aren’t content with you going through the motions outwardly, they want your private thoughts as well. It’s possible to be a leftist like Adorno without anyone noticing. Maybe people are just good at hiding, I doubt it though. It seems it’s just easier to surrender both outward appearance and inward thoughts to the overwhelming powers of the establishment, “capitalism”, what have you. It’s because it isn’t difficult to tell when someone is lying. I think of Pompeo for instance. To me, it seems like he doesn’t really believe a lot of what he says, and they probably catch on to that. They want obedient goys like Biden seems to be who truly believe so and so in their heart of hearts. People will gradually “truly believe” what they need to in order to not be found out. Thus the difference is eliminated between the establishment and their “true self”.

While I reflect on how you won’t see a shitpost like this on JSTOR I’m refreshed to happen upon a non-academic who says this

The simplistic charge of elitism leveled against Adorno’s critique emerges out of bourgeois radical culture itself

We don’t have a Magister Ludi-like institution in our society, our academy where elitism is formally supposed to reside is another bourgeois corporation of the culture industry.

There are no checks and balances anywhere. If an elitist snob like Adorno were the Dean of the academy as such it would be advantageous for the hoi polloi. If you think of it as a pyramidal structure with the academy at the relative pinnacle, the media would appropriate more of a sense of taste, and that would affect politicians and the people. Instead, we only have the bourgeois in places of power. That’s a crime against the people.

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