Could probably spend years yandexing various events with the word “historiography”.

If this is true it can only mean that it’s important for understanding the modern world we live in

They must see Mexico as a Pale of Settlement. “You have to stay there.” So we have a sort of “Mexican” people demanding we keep Mexicans out. Not really people you’d consider unbiased.

Prime languages to google/yandex

Even more precise

A recent survey finds that 48% of Poles and 46% of Ukrainians “harbor anti-semitic views”, and the other countries of the PoS aren’t looking much better.

It was dissolved in 1917, after the Bolshevik Coup. Could we rethink the “communist revolution” as “let Jews out of the PoS”?

What happened there between 1791 and 1917, those 126 years? How does it relate to 1971 America, 1991 Russia? I’ll be looking for accurate materials.

Further, what was it in 1791 that led to the creation of the PoS? It looks like Catherine the Great was a sort of philosopher queen

Less than 50 years before that, Elizabeth of Russia expelled them – imagine having female politicians like them here.

So many documents to sort through. Scroll to the end of this Belarusian wiki page on the history of Jews in Poland. This should be of interest

the phrase, “Poland was a heaven for the nobility, a purgatory for the townspeople, a hell for the peasants and a paradise for the Jews” and originated in the early 17th century

Notice the books they suggest on the English wiki – not the same. English is the last language I trust about any of this stuff. And wikipedia itself is, meh. I’d sooner trust a Belarusian livejournal article’s book suggestion list on the history of jews in Poland. I yandex мяжа аселасці and see something like this

This is how to do genealogy in the 21st century. Gathering together freelance historians and “culturologists” as the Russians call them.

We’ve found a few fictional portrayals of the shtetl by Yiddish writers. Are there Ukrainian goys who lived before, during, and/or after Holodomor with more of an incentive to paint the Pale of Settlement more honestly and critically?

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